Registration data

Marek Skoczeń – President of the Board
Paweł Maniurka – Vice-President of the Board

Tax ID: 6272338271

REGON: 276294513

KRS:  0000035324

ul. Staszica 27
41-200 Sosnowiec, Polska

The office is open:
Monday Friday
Between 8:00 and 15:00

Phone: +48 (32) 292-61-88


About us

The company Selw-2 Sp. z o.o. is a company with a long tradition. The beginnings of our activity date back to the end of the past millennium. The company was founded in Sosnowiec at ul. Staszica 27 in June 1999.

We operate on the basis of an entry in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Katowice, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000035324, NIP 6272338271, the fully paid up share capital is PLN 448,000

We base our activity on the professionalism and professionalism of our employees who employ over 150. Qualified staff, constantly caring about improving their qualifications and efficiency of operation, expose us to the best possible certificate. Thanks to that, we can guarantee you timely and reliable performance of your commitments.

We have licenses MSWiA No. ZK-I-L-0093/99 which entitles us to provide services in the field of protection of persons and property carried out in the form of direct physical protection, permanent or temporary and consisting of escorting cash and valuable or dangerous objects.

In special turnover for clients from around the world, we have already completed several dozen large contracts. We have a license for special trade No. DZiK-I-6611-646-1 / 11 / B-030/2012 / TZ. We gain experience, which we share with our clients, thanks to the most demanding tasks.

We also manufacture military and specialized clothing. All our equipment is designed using computer programs. We work on the highest quality materials and try to acquire newer technologies.

Concessions and certificates

Confirmation of the highest quality of products and services offered

Our partners

In order to maintain the best quality, we cooperate with our partners


Design and production of specialist and tactical equipment.

Holsters Poland

Production and distribution of special and tactical equipment.