Special trade

Our company distributes all products associated with the special trade, among other things :

  • weapons and ammunition
  • scopes
  • ballistic shields
  • camouflage systems
  • trade in products and technology for military or police purposes

We also manufacture a comprehensive technology for the production of bulletproof vests.

All interested in the detailed offer of the division of the special company Selw-2 are invited to submit inquiries by e-mail directly to: biuro@selw-2.pl


Our longest-functioning branch of activity is the protection of industrial and special facilities.

The services we carry out are always preceded by a detailed analysis and tactical recognition of the facility, which allows us to develop the necessary resources to plan an effective security system. The purpose of our company’s activity is to meet the identified needs and requirements of our clients.

Clothing production

We manufacture specialist clothes for uniformed services, specialist services, work clothes as well as for hobbyists.

Thanks to the experience of soldiers helping in the design process, our products meet the stringent requirements of the modern battlefield. Before the product hits the market, it is tested and improved many times to ensure that we give soldiers what they really need – the highest quality equipment.

All our equipment is designed using computer programs,
we work with the highest quality materials and we try to acquire newer technologies.

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